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AAZK has made it easy and fun to save 4 of the 5 remaining species of rhinos. All you need to do is join your local "Bowling For Rhinos" fundraising event. Each participant solicits donations from 20-30 people telling them the plight of the rhino. Everyone involved in BFR is a volunteer - administrative costs are paid by a $25 fee from each participating group. So 100% of all donations go directly to in-situ conservation.

If bowling is not your thing, you can always organize a Rocking for Rhinos, Rummage for Rhinos, Cueing for Rhinos, Running for Rhinos, Recycling for Rhinos or just plain donations. Remember, it only costs $2 a day to pay for a guard to protect rhinos, so every dollar counts.

Don't forget about the prize! If you are one of the top 2 money raisers in the US or Canada, you win a 2 week trip to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy - most safaris in Kenya cost $350-500 per night!

Points to remember

  • Anyone can participate in BFR (must be an AAZK member to win the trip)
  • BFR benefits more than rhinos, it saves habitat which protects hundreds of endangered plants and animals!
  • Without BFR's support, Lewa could not survive. Our continued support is vital to Lewa and to conservation worldwide!

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Did You Know? (Rhino Facts)
ENDANGERED means there's still time...EXTINCTION is FOREVER!
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